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Defamation Law

Damien Tansey Solicitors LLP is a market leader in the fields of defamation law (including libel and slander, as they were formerly known), malicious falsehoods and all other cases involving damages to reputations, or breaches of privacy law.

Our solicitors have acted in many high-profile cases in this area, typically against newspapers but also against financial institutions, and have been widely successful for our clients in these efforts. As appropriate, we seek retractions, public apologies and compensation for the damage done to personal, professional or business reputations.

The internet and social media (including internet blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc) has increased the opportunities for spreading untruths about individuals’ and companies’ reputations – we are nonetheless uncompromising in seeking to protect the reputations of clients who may be defamed, or otherwise may have their rights breached, through these or any other channels.

Damien Tansey, Senior Partner, was the solicitor who, on behalf of the Irish lawyers’ profession at large, succeeded in a High Court defamation action against a Mr John Gill and others to successfully shut down Rate-Your-Solicitor.com website.